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These video lessons explain the basics of PLCs while demonstrating some of the biggest differences between our Boot Camp approach and many other training methods. Remember that these are just a quick preview of some of the material that we cover on Monday morning - and not a substitute for taking one of our full five-day classes. Naturally a video can't duplicate the same "in person" teaching techniques that we use in our Boot Camp classes, but we still hope that you'll find the material helpful.

We highly recommend that you watch these in number order - since each lesson builds on the previous ones.

Lesson 1 presents a problem which many experienced technicians can't solve - due to mistakes and misconceptions in how they understand PLCs.

Lesson 2; Lesson 3; Lesson 4; Lesson 5; Lesson 6; Lesson 7; and Lesson 8.
These give enough details of our PLC Boot Camp approach to allow even a beginner to understand and answer the original problem presented in Lesson 1.

Lesson 9 gives the solution to the problem from Lesson 1 using a simple step-by-step method of analyzing the operation of the PLC.

Lesson 10 provides another example of how our PLC Boot Camp approach can easily explain situations even when other methods fail.

Lesson 11 covers the basic concepts of the processor's "prescan" sequence - and the retentive instructions - Latch and Unlatch.

Can't see the videos? Since many corporate IT departments restrict their company computers from accessing YouTube, we've decided to make this same video series available in a CD format through the eBay store provided by Archie Jacobs of Manufacturing Automation. This offer might also be useful if you have a slow dialup internet connection. Click this link for more information or to order a copy.

Sample lessons and other resources

Note from Ron: For the past several years, I've been writing extensively on several public web forums dedicated to PLCs. Much of the material listed below has been previously posted as answers to specific questions from other forum members. In response to many requests, I've included just a few of my favorite forum posts here in a handy PDF format. Please consider these as samples of the amount of detail which I provide in all of my classes - and demonstrations of the common-sense approach I use when teaching. I hope that you'll find these useful. I'll be adding more material here in the future as my schedule permits.

What is P in PID?

What is I in PID?

What is D in PID?

Proportional-Only Control - Why Won't It Work?

Scaling with y=mx+b (part 1)

Scaling with y=mx+b (part 2)

PIDE States, Modes, Signal Flow


PLC email quizzes

Note: Yes, the quizzes are still available - but they have been moved to a separate webpage. Please click the link below to access them.

PLC Email Quiz page

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