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A note from Ron: One of my favorite hobbies for the past several years has been answering requests for help with PLC-related problems from people around the world on various public internet forums. The excerpts listed below are a few samples of the nice compliments that have been posted by some of the forum members that I've been privileged to help. Clicking on any of these links will take you directly to the author's full message in the context of the original forum thread.


I went to Ron's class and it is well worth the money ... just his method of predicting program flow with 1's and 0's made the class worthwhile ... and this was just the first day ... I highly recommend his class


Detail is Ron's middle name ... I have yet to come upon anyone on any forum to give such detail ... His classes are second to none ... The training course I took has helped me immensely with my position


Ron ... explains the AB PLC details better than anyone I've ever encountered


as always it is clear that that you have a passion for educating others and more importantly teaching one to think and do. The ability to teach a student self reliance and the thinking process is unfortunately rare in a mentor


Ron, you have the patience of a saint ... Even though I've been using the AB line for many years I still get valuable information from your posts. You understand the inner workings much better than anyone else I've ever encountered


Ron ... Not to redirect your career, but you really write well ... have you considered Technical Writing?


As always, you have done a masterful job of explaining complex ideas in a simple manner ... where can I buy your book?


and Ron's fine explanation skills are just one of the reasons his PLC classes are the best


Our distinguished colleague and PLC guru, Ron Beaufort, has posted an excellent thread on scaling ... it contains all of the basic information needed to use the CPT instruction in a CompactLogix to perform the scaling


Ron has absolutely the best explanations


Ron, you can take a few minutes and turn it into amazing explanations ... you are absolutely the best at nailing down the details of how things work


Ron, your explanations are outstanding!


Ron , This is truly amazing stuff ... do you plan on publishing a book or some type of home study course? This is so easy to read and understand


consider Ron Beaufort's superb post ... regarding the differences between DC and AC inputs ... it should be required reading for ALL PLC programmers


I can't compete with Ron - no one can explain better


there have been many people that have given very good detailed explanations, but Ron's have been classics ... Phil should start a best of Beaufort link


Ron's posts may be the most consistently thorough that you will find here. The process of explanation and examples requires great detail that Ron is always so willing to contribute


Mr. Ron Beaufort, the page you wrote on the SQO ... is an amazing piece of work ... I wish [the manufacturer] would explain stuff in terms like that


Ron ... I appreciate the obvious amount of time you put into helping the less knowledgeable. I have had PIDs explained to me many times, many ways. Never has it made more sense


Do a search on the forum using the keyword 'PID' and the user name 'Ron Beaufort'. You will be reading for days. Ron has posted a huge amount of information on this forum. His posts are written in a very easy to read style


Ron Beaufort ... your description of a processor scan sequence was superb and very easy to follow ... your post hits the nail on the head in layman's terms as well!


That's bound to be one of the better and straight forward explanations I've read on PID. Thanks, Ron


Ron Beaufort has posted 3 different descriptions of PID ... I highly recommend them ... you won't get bogged down by a lot of math and he writes in a very easy to comprehend manner


Thanks Ron, I was hoping you would respond, you're the best at explaining the nitty gritty operations


I've just seen 30+ years of experience put into words ... I've never managed to explain to my co-workers why, or how, I was doing something as concisely as you've just done!


Ron took the time to call me and walk me through the PID setup ... Ron helped me clearly understand ... and never once made me feel stupid


Ron Beaufort is an example of the value a distributor adds to the products he sells ... he exceeds all expectations, reasonable and otherwise, for distributor support


I especially like your "overkill" approach, Ron Beaufort. It can really clear up a lot of issues


Ron, as usual, has turned my somewhat brief reply into a masterpiece


I could listen to you for hours, Ron! ... I wish I had the ability to teach properly, it is all very well knowing what you are doing, but ... the clever bit is to conduct the training course


Ron, I couldn't wait to thank you for the time afforded to help me on this. I have never seen anything more simple ... your students are lucky ... God bless you


Ron, Thanks very much for your detailed suggestions. You provided much more information than I had anticipated


Ron, I enjoy your explanations! This is even better than my school notes ... I'm sure students will benefit a lot from your teachings


All I have to say is: pure poetry, Ron. Thanks for the information and the real world examples. You don't know how much this helps when you can give an example rather than a bunch of facts


Thanks again, Ron. Your skills are outstanding in explaining this voodoo


Thank you very much for the post, Ron ... since you described integral and derivative so well (better than I have ever had anyone explain it to me) would you please do the same to the proportional gain?


PID ... you should do searches on this site for some EXCELLENT postings from Ron Beaufort


I never cease to learn something when you post, Ron. Thanks


I don't know how could I thank you, Mr. Ron Beaufort ... your last reply is what I need exactly ... thank you very very much for your help


I see said the blind man! Now a simple diagram like the one you posted would be a great addition to the AB manual


Ron, I went through the program you posted and it works GREAT. I loaded it into my test box last night ... Thanks again


I am going to make a forum called "The Best of Ron" and move posts like these into it so we can all honor them .... great post, Ron!


I'm reminded of the old commercial that said, "When E. F. Hutton talks, people listen." When Ron talks, people SHOULD listen


Thanks a lot, Ron. You explained everything in an easy and patient manner for all us "beginners". Your reply helped tremendously


Most of all I would like to thank Ron Beaufort for taking time from his busy schedule and walking me through step by step of configuring 1771-IFE and 1771-OFE2 cards. In my opinion he is an A+ programmer and teacher. Not only did he walk me through the steps but he explained in detail why things were configured the way they were.


Ron, I installed that line of logic and it worked perfectly. I sat and watched the pneumatic valve switch back and forth from the two outputs I had in the program. I was amazed that the answer was so simple. When I talked to the [manufacturer's] tech, he wanted me to write in a high speed interrupt and all other kinds of things that I really didn't understand. So thanks I appreciate the help.


One special participant on this forum is Ron Beaufort; he is an excellent trainer on PLCs (the comments of his students are quite expansive, as you can see on his website) and he has devoted some time to explain in simple terms the different parameters constituting a PID loop. You should have a look at some of his sample lessons on PID control, on his website. ... But do read these articles, they are simple and clear. Then it would be worth your while to do a Search on this forum for more threads where he has participated, you would learn a lot.


I just want to be a "Ron Beaufort" one day. Where someone can ask me a question and I can tell them the correct answer and the reasoning behind it


one of the maintenance techs that I work with went to Ron's class ... talking to Jay after he got back, it was worth its weight in gold ... Jay has taken a much bigger part in the whole troubleshooting outlook and it gave him more confidence ... he told me that he would be going back to Ron's class ... he said that he would pay out of his own pocket if necessary ... that should say something


Ronís professionalism, attentiveness, and patience allow him to be one of the most effective educators I have had the pleasure to know. PLCs aside he could teach whatever he liked to anyone, a quality not enough instructors have acquired ... In the end it is his ability to break complexities down into digestible pieces that separates Ron from the rest ... To all bosses: If you want to send your employees to someone else for training, and hope that they retain what you want, so be it. If you want to know your employees will retain what you want, send them to Ron. Do not entertain the others. His experience and teaching style are invaluable to your company.


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